Monday, August 06, 2018

Beautiful Brihuega

Lavender Fields Forever

Brihuega Beauty

Dalias In The Botanical Gardens

The Ones I Can Never Remember The Name Of #AskGrandma


Gorgeousness In The Aridness


How It Used To Be

Palm House

Good Vintage

Russian Dadá @ Reina Sofia

Remembering Spanish Refugees

Cactus Garden Near Our Old c/Magdalena Flat

Hidden Figures Excellence At La Gasolinera

Brihuega All Dressed Up For The Lavander Fiestas

Arabic Caves


Spot The Daddy
Visigoth Arches

Town View

Arabic Castle

Professor Max's Miniature museum 

Lincoln's Of Harrogate!

Our Own Provence, Right Here In Spain

Bee Paradise

San Felipe Iglesia

Refreshing Fountains

Missing Them, Missing Us
Entertaining Hedwig

On Lock Duty

Tooth Fairy Alert!

Creativity Flourishing

Keeping Busy

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