Monday, May 28, 2018

Flores Para Mamá & María

Homework Session At Factory Ballet
Royal Wedding Fever
Pretty Blossom At School

School Has A Very Pretty Patio
Calle Serrano Menina
Fundación Aladina Menina
Clouds Over Plaza Quevedo
Handmaid's Tale Menina
Little Rose Garden En Parque De Las Avenidas
Those Skies Though - Plaza Dalí
Stationery Menina
Flower Market In Calle Jorge Juan
Gratuitous Flower Shots Coming Up

Lost In IKEA
Putting The Terrace Furniture Together
All Set For Summer
Flores Para María
La Romería De San Diego Y San Vicente

Monday, May 21, 2018

Cumples & Canoeing

San Isidro Time
Enjoying The Naturaleza
At Mayra's 8th Birthday Party With Baby Lucas
Artists In Action: Tanya, Anya, Mayra & Chloe
Teaching The Next Generation Maths With Nuria
Flower Girl
More Meninas On The Way Home
Off For Some Serious Canoeing With The Beavers
Paddling Oscar Around
Ry Gets Ready For Action Too
Look At Them Go!
We're Expected To Sleep Under Here?!
Doing Our Best
Meanwhile Mummy Was On The Menina Trail Again
In Living Colour
A Right Roja One
Pretty Puerta De Alcalá

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Mother's Day And More

Wonderful Mother's Day With My Muppets
Fantastic Presents
And Beautiful Flowers
Hanging Around Chueca
Tribunal Supremo
More Meninas
Menina Mania
Delicious Korean/Japanese Meal
Ry's Fabulous Hair Styling Techniques Showcased
Park Life In Guindalera
Daddy Hanging With Nick & John In Bordeux
Plaza De La Villa Prettiness
Thumbs Up
Giant Anya
San Isidro Rocks!
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Riding High
Menina In Plaza Oriente
Los Gigantes Followed Us To Opera
C15th Remains Of El Viaje De Amaniel
Meanwhile Ry Scratched It Up With His Buddies
Smiles All Round With Miguel & Paula
Graduation Certificates With Christine