Monday, April 16, 2018

You Say Menina, I Say Mañana

1st British Madrid Scouts Spring Fair Excitement!
Preparing The Pull-A-String Game
The Sun Came Out After Weeks Of Rain
Mayra & Tania Came Along For Some Fun
Will She Win A Plant?
Pink Ladies Amaya & Julia
Very Hard-Working Peeps
Getting Her First Tattoo Done
STAR Family
Barrio In Bloom
Off To Ventas For Las Meninas Trail
Portuguese Flags In Cibeles
Stretching Our Legs
Graffiti One
Freshly Unveiled Grey One
Not A Post Box
Getting Her Portrait Taken
Sponsored By ¡Hola!
Propping Up The Samur Stands
¿Minion Menina?
Another ¡Hola! Sponsored Delight
Very Elegant
La Liberté Éclairant Le Monde
Big Love
Handle With Care
On Calle Velásquez
Miranda Sings Menina
Came Home To These Lot Causing Trouble
Beautifully Created Picnic Food For School

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