Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Fiestas En Fuentidueña

Work Christmas Drinks With Sofia & Silvia
Blurry Lols With Sebas, Karen & Mulenga

Adding Daphne Into The Equation
With My Homegirls Kath & IP
Our Own STAR Of The Show
Cuddles With Marta
Lickle King Ry Ry
Reunited With The Super Abuelos
Showing Grandpa Around Fuentidueña
No-No & Grandpa Salutations
Cuddles In The Salon
Topping Up The Tea
Quick Game Of Ajedrez
Skating Around Aranda De Duero
Pushing Her Ladyship Around
Beach Time
Colouring-In By The Fire
Wonderful Visit From The Lobos - Jesus, Carmen & Elvira
Sparkler Fun
Lighting Up Christmas Eve
Making Great Memories
Capturing The View
Heading Home

Checking Out All The Bodegas
Making Sure The Lamb's Cooked To Perfection
Primo Rock Stars
Blustery Peñafiel Castle
Richard Rogers-Designed Protos Bodega
Banderas Fluttering In The Breeze
Dancing In The Car Park
Cheeky Cousins
Stuck Between My Boys
Transfixed By Technology
Mixture Of Architectural Styles
Convento De San Pablo
Thrashing Uncle Kev & Grandpa At Futbolín
Stalking Around Sepúlveda
Sun Doesn't Always Shine On Spain
Final Fun Lunch
Entertained By These Muppets

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