Monday, January 22, 2018

Cumple Central Again

Celebrating Shayra's 8th Birthday
Getting A Calming-Down Cuddle From Ry-Ry
Boogying On Down
Never Too Old For A Parque De Bolas
Loving The K-Pop Themed Cake
Big Filipino Spread Laid On
Monkey Magic
Meanwhile Mummy Was On Babysitting Duty For Baby Lucia
Madrid In Charming Mood
Circulo De Bellas Artes For BBC's World Questions
Jonathan Dimbleby On Great Form
Impressive Floral Display In The Foyer
Zombie Escape Room Adventure For Elvira's 12th Birthday
Having A Sing Song Round The Old Joanna
Great To See Rebeca, Claudia & Hachi!
Catching Up With Elisa Too
Another Day, Another Cumple - Happy Birthday César!
Headed To Watch Ferdinand With Rafa & Elisa

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