Thursday, May 25, 2017

Adventures & Abuelos

McAbuelos In Town To Check Out The New Pad

And To Tinto De Verano It Up In The New Barrio

Practising For The Fin De Curso Performance

San Isidro-ing It Up With Martina, Chloe & Nuria

The Whole Posse

Catching Up With Bella B

Reading The Darkest Dark To Gram & No-No
Packed Up Using Daddy's Latin American Rucksack

Off To Scouts Camp With Noah

Ryan Back From Hervás School Camp

Fun With The Beavers

Fast Asleep?


Conde Duque Strolling

Plaza De Las Comendadoras

Fashioning A Net Out Of Some Old Tights & A Coat Hanger!

Angling Anya

The Fish Are Swimming Scared From These Beavers & More Pix Here

Bumbling Around The Barrio

Selfie Snaps

Beavers Still Up To Mischief

Tug O War

Conked Out On Amaya's Shoulder

Perked Up For A Game Of Uno Or Dos

Catching Gram Out

Showing Off All My Beaver Badges

Basket Case

Leafy Artwork

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