Sunday, March 12, 2017

An Ode To Chamberi

Gonna Miss Skating Sundays On Calle Fuencarral

Funky Street Art

Beautiful Sunsets Along Abascal
Plaza Chamberi Benches

Gluten Free Treats In Tradicionarius

Beautiful Architecture
  Esquinas Elegantes

Alonso Cano

Colourful Corners

Glorious Glorietas

Calle Viriato

Golden Sunlight Along Martinez Campos

Cute Calle Covarrubias
Yellow Buildings With Blue Shutters

Clinica La Milagrosa - Where We First Laid Eyes On Baby Anya

O Antoxo Bar

School Run Along Viriato

Church Steeples On Santa Engracia

Our Balconies

Memories From Our Seven Years Here

Hanging In Nuevos Ministerios

Cheeky Chappies On Calle Alonso Cano

Bumping Into Buddies Such As Olivia & Chica On The Way Home

Our Piso

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