Monday, December 19, 2016

Aperitivos & Acrobats

¡Feliz Navidad!

Getting Our Stash Of Badges At Beavers
Swearing In To The Beavers

On Bazaar Promotion Duty

Swearing In To The Scouts
Cheesy Grins With Marcos
Looking After Leo With David & Romero

Hanging By The Belén

Impressive Bottle-Top Creation
Two More Angels To Complete The Scene
Off To The Circo De Hielo

Pushing Around The Ry-Ry

Foca Action

Daddy Gets Going!

Sliding Around

Boys Berking Around

Escaping From Frosty

Las Focas Se Besan

Filling Up Nicely As Night Falls
Inside To Post Our Cartas A Los Reyes Magos
Let's Hope They Bring Me All The Brussel Sprouts I Asked For
Posing By The Postbox

Colouring In Adornos

Pretty Ambiente

In To Watch The Show With Amaya & Noah


Beautiful Circo De Hielo

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