Thursday, October 20, 2016

Trains, Cranes & Lego-mobiles

Heading Out For A Day Of Brick-Building

Legoland Takes Over El Museo Del Ferrocarrill

Spanish Architecture - Lego-Style

Running Of The Bulls In Pamplona!

Fairground Rides & Everything

Look At The Lego Candy Floss Daddy!

Big-Eyed Boys

Riding High
Building Our Own Creations
Out On The Mini Train

Choo Choo!

Wouldn't Mind Traveling In That Kind Of Style

Daddy-Daughter Moments

Sleepy Journey Home

Beautiful Otoño

Cafe Society
Delectable Dahlias

Dilly, Dallying By The Dahlias
Lemonade Time
Beautiful Bonsais
Mummy & Me

Botanical Garden Beauty
We ♥ Bonsais
Pretty Purpleness
Meanwhile Ryan & Amaya Chatted With US Cubs About Donald Trump

And Daddy Helped Out With The Barmy Beavers

Byker Girl

Keeping In Shape

Catch Me Daddy!

Funny Faces

Mr Bean
Off To School

Sheltering My Sister

Friday, October 14, 2016

Reunions & Risas

Scouts Reunited - Marina & Elia In Olavide

At Platea With Uncle Nick & Uncle John

Boys Reunited

Hermoso Hermanos
Delicious Grub

Posing At Colón

Tio Vivo Time

Cuentos Con Tio Juan

Uncle Nick Entertains The Troups
Reunited With The Abuelos

McGirls Together

Cuddles With No-No

Cuddles In The Cafe

Getting A Pedicure From No-No

Skating Around

Serious Ryan

Girl In Action