Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Monkeys, Meekats & The McPaynes

Lady-ing It Up In Lincoln

Off To El Escorial For Some Spectacular Views

Hanging By The Monastery

Up To La Silla De Felipe II For Amazing Views

Top Of The World

El Escorial In The Distance

Schleping A Wonderful Picnic Around

Meanwhile The Muppets Are On Worm Duty

Fiesta De La Paloma

Opera En La Plaza De La Paja

La Caixa's Living Wall In Beautiful Bloom

Anya The Meerkat

Ski Lift

Holding On Tight

Monkeying Around With Grandma

Real Madrid-Supporting Meerkat

Your Gonna Hear Me Roaaaaar!

Shooting The Breeze With Grandpa

Cheeky Chappies

The Littlest Meerkat Doesn't Look Impressed

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

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