Monday, July 18, 2016

Amigos From Near & Far

Cheering Portugal On To Euro 2016 Victory

Campamento Queen

Off To Ambite To Visti Joanna & Aitana

Catch The Ryan

Watching The Bichos Do The Backstroke

Pool With A View

Playing La Oca In The Sunshine

Pool To Ourselves

Patio Play

Anya Rows Her Boat

Wonderful Day With Wonderful Friends

Could I *Be* Any More Chilled?

Off To The Retiro To Hook Up With Old Amigos

Tim Keeps The Boys Entertained

Wheel Barrow Rides Amid Picnic Caos

Dani, Ruben & Sara v Aisha, Natalia & Anya

Aisha & Anya

Natalia Grabs The Last Precious Drops Of Water

Bidding Farewell To The Carey-Evans As They Head Back To The UK
Anya Da Vinci

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