Thursday, July 28, 2016

Mountains & Molehills

My Cuties
Roller-Blading Around Parque Santander

Windy In The City

Schlepping Up To Cercedilla

Sombreros 'R' Us

Checking For Crocodiles

Spot Of Refreshment

Larking Around

Running Wild

Building Dams

Hitching A Ride Back With Daddy

Chilling In Tradicionarius

Monday, July 18, 2016

Amigos From Near & Far

Cheering Portugal On To Euro 2016 Victory

Campamento Queen

Off To Ambite To Visti Joanna & Aitana

Catch The Ryan

Watching The Bichos Do The Backstroke

Pool With A View

Playing La Oca In The Sunshine

Pool To Ourselves

Patio Play

Anya Rows Her Boat

Wonderful Day With Wonderful Friends

Could I *Be* Any More Chilled?

Off To The Retiro To Hook Up With Old Amigos

Tim Keeps The Boys Entertained

Wheel Barrow Rides Amid Picnic Caos

Dani, Ruben & Sara v Aisha, Natalia & Anya

Aisha & Anya

Natalia Grabs The Last Precious Drops Of Water

Bidding Farewell To The Carey-Evans As They Head Back To The UK
Anya Da Vinci

Monday, July 11, 2016

A Very Alegre 10th Aniversário

Chilling With Daddy In Ciudad Rodrigo

In Beautiful Faia, Guarda

Stunning Views

Amazing Pequeno Almoço Courtesy Of Ofélia

A Quick Dip In The Pond To Freshen Off

Hanging With Nina

Hasta Luego Cuddles With Nina & Ofélia

Checking Our Pretty Viseu

Pretty Parks

Reunited With Maria & Noel
Fine Wining & Dining
Cooling Off In Vieira Do Minho

Loling Rolling

Keeping Really Fresh
Helping Shoulder From Manuel
Beautiful Views Of Gerês
Noel Looking Remarkably Casual After Diving To Pose For The Self-Timer

Lovely Lunch With Manuel & Isabel
Working At The Car Wash
Earning My Keep

Hiking Around Gerês

Squatting At The Shepherd's Hut

With The Mariola
Little King Ryan Turns Ten!

Special Cards For A Special Day

Off To The Playa

Bathing Beauties

Spectacular Candle Fireworks

Amazing Cake - Obrigado Maria!

This Is Your Life
Sparkler Star
Another Self-Timer Master Stroke
Off To Porto

Ryan Potter's Bookshop

Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay....Watching The Boats Go Out

B'all Aboard!

Quinta Do Gomes To Meet The Pigs

Tiny Baby Bunnies

Propping Up The Walls

With The Lovely Carla

Bareback Riding

The Cows Sampling The Local Vinho Verde


Our Favourite Local Restaurant

Fond Farewells

Love You Maria!

And Noel!

McPaynes McLeave

The Traditional Pose-By-The-Steps Farewell Shot

Farewell Pretty Portugal