Thursday, June 23, 2016

End Of An Era

A Proud Moment As Ms Anya Yasmin Graduates From Infantil

Waiting Patiently To Be Called
Handed A Diploma By Mari-Mar
Posing For The Paparazzi
Rebeca Tries To Get In On The Action!

Handing Out 'Feliz Verano' Cards & Pressies

And A Special Present For A Very Special Teacher
Love You Mari-Mar!

Post-Ceremony Chuckles With Roberto & Olivia

Followed By A Falling Out & The Mardiest Family Shot Ever

Badminton In The Retiro

Riding High

Balcony In Serious Bloom

Beautiful Lilies
Getting Ready For The Fin De Curso Fiesta

Marcos Channeling John Travolta
It's Greased Lighting!!!
Pre-Show Jitters

Getting Into Postion

We Go Together....
Grand Finale!

Getting Ready To Move Like Jagger

Beautiful Brave Ballerina With A Bumped Chin
Nuria's Party!

Cuddling Up With Chloe, Nuria & Alejandro

Make A Wish!

Campamento Time!

Brits Takeover! Tom, Amaya, Alice, Noah & Us

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Adiós Primavera, Hola Verano

The Usual Suspects - Rayan, Alejandro, Nuria & Anya Yasmin
Hanging Out @ Tradicionarius
Making Feliz Verano Cards

With Sophia & Chloe, Celebrating Sergio Martin's Birthday

Ry Looks Out For Marcosito

Canguro De Excelencia

Cava-ing It Up With Nana & Sofia
Girly Make-Up Session

Keeping Baby Marcos Entertained
Chloe Needs A Counter Weight!
Ready To Catch The Baby
Fiesta Fantastica En El Retiro

Heading Home As The Sun Sets

Posing By The Lake

#HoliMadrid En Plaza De La Luna

Nubes De Colores!

Such Fun!

Our T-Shirts Remained Remarkably White!