Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ivimus Ad Compluti

Chulapos In Da House!

Off To Alcala For Some Roman Action

Checking Out The Fantastic Casa De Hippolytus

Hmm... Might Fit My Barbies In There...

Impressive Excavations

Stunning Mosaics

They Won't Let Me Colour It In...

The Grouting Could Do With A Bit Of Re-Touching

We The Hippos

Over To The Foro De Complutum

Romani Columnas

Poppy Heaven

i papaver

Mr Aspiring Archaeologist In Action

Quick Drink At The Fons

Picnic Break In The Shade

Anya In Horto Sedat

South-Facing Bathroom
Looking For More Remains

Enjoying The Views

Alcala De Henares Centro

Playground With A View

Lavender Beauty

Cervantes Mural

Tapas Break

Mater Et Pater Map

Heading Off For More Fun

Conked Out

Beautiful Bougainvillea In The Invernadero De Arganzuela

Girls By The Blooms

Yellow Plant (Answers On A Postcard Please)



Iris Mania

On Top Of The World

Sushi Time

Channeling Kevin Roland

Sergio Moya Round For A Play
Little #SinGluten Tentempié

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