Monday, November 23, 2015

Nippy In November

Keeping Snuggly Indoors

Dramatic Sunsets

Back To Our Old Lavapies 'Hood

Escuelas Pías De San Fernando

Art Instalation In Ye Olde Tobacco Factory

Cutting Out Silhouettes

With Daddy


My Lickle Street Artists

Fierce Butterfly Anya!

Finishing Off La Mariposa At Home

Parque Santander In Autumnal Bloom

Berry Nice

The Boys Striking Moody Poses

Beep! Beep! Here She Comes!

Doing Her Exercises

Monday, November 16, 2015

Having A Flutter

Off To The Hipódromo For A Spot Of Betting On The Nags

Beautiful Day For It

One Of The Pooped Contenders

Ahoy There!!

Bouncing Wonderland

Colour-Coordinated With The Big Boys' Slide


Food Trucks To The Hunger Pangs Rescue

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Veranillo Del Membrillo

Sushi Dining


Checking Out Typewriters @ El Mercado De Motores

Old-Style iPhones

Clambering Around

Lickle Berks

M De M Rocks

To Be Or Not - Outrageous Fortune - Slings And Arrows Etc

Great Vibe

Choo Choo!
Clinging On James Bond Style
Chillin' In The Sunshine

Autumnal Colours

Hanging Out On The Train Roof

Ballet Balance Training Coming In Handy

All Set For A Schlep To The Retiro

Golden Leaves & Hair

Always Up For A Play

Tootling Off Home