Sunday, April 26, 2015

Suze & Elisa's Segovian Birthday

Hanging In Otero De Herreros

So Great To Be Back With Rebeca, Claudia, Elvira & Elisa

Getting A Sky-High Lift With Manolo & Daddy

Midnight Feasts & Frolics

Cuddles With Nuria

Picnic With A View

Girls In A Whirl

Cow Face

Professional Rambler In The Making

Feeding The Caballo

Fountain Clamboring

Birthday Toasting

Throw Another Prawn On The Barbie, Mate!

Throwing Some Shapes
Birthday Girls & Their Cakes

Real Madrid v Atlético

Beautiful Birthday Banner - Gracias Chicas!!!

'Yo Soy Un Monje'

Mamis - Las Manos Unidas

Loving Tim's PJ Look
Grub's Up
Shooting The Breeze
Locking Us Out

View From The Balcony

The Fabulous La Cacharreria

Friday, April 24, 2015

300th McPayne Post Alert

Teaching Evan To Scale New Heights

Hanging Out With Not-So-Baby-Ari Again

Running Daniela

Swing City

Cuddles With Chloe

Grandma, Grandpa In Town!


Post-Granja Stay Catch-Up

Clase De Abuelos
Off To The Belge Atelier For Some Fine Wining & Dining

De Mayor Quiero Ser Peluquera

Catching Up With Aunty Judy & Robert
Loving The Fab T-Shirts They Brought Us!

Out With Bill, Gabs, IP, Miriam & Daph

To Celebrate Turning 41!

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Easter Treats

Mc-Family Get-Together


Semana Santa = Funny Hat Procession Time

Post-Procession Aperitivo

Anya Gets Sticky At La CaixaForum

Anya & Her Captain Caveman


Beautiful Botanical Gardens

Tulips In Bloom


Queen Of The Tree Trunk

Ballerina Girl


Wedding Anniversary Cuddles

Magritte's Son Of Tim

Girlie Snuggles

Mum, Dad & Me
Here's To The Next 51 Years!

Easter Sunday Egg Hunt

Counting Up The Loot

So Exciting!

Amazing What You Find In Trees These Days

Proud Of My Cake-Decorating Skills
Post Sugar-Rush Slump