Thursday, January 01, 2015

Grand UK Xmas Tour

It's A Gruffulo Ry, But Not As We Know It - In The Black Country
Are You Toucan The Piss?

And Goldilocks Sat In Daddy Bear's Chair But It Was Too Draughty

Al Fresco Dining On Christmas Eve
Swinging Into Xmas

Christmas Day Constitutional

Silly Hat Season

Singing 'Let It Go' With Aunty Rachie

Xmas Dinner Splendidness

Banana-Munching On Grandma's Knee

Over To Lincoln For More Pressies
And No-No Ear-Pulling

Watching Narnia With Aunty Sally

Primos On The Sofa
Praying For More Snow

Coldy Cousins
Enough To Make A Semi-Snowman At Least

Checking Out Reepham's Church
Lovely Catch-Up With Gilly & Jules
Cooking Up A Storm With Gram

Lincoln Cathedral

Xmas Cake Decorating With No-No
Lincolnshire Countryside

Snowballs In The Arboretum's Maze
Reminding Ry Of Narnia
Guarding The Bridge
Feeling Frosty
Warming Our Toes By The Fire

Off To See Great-Gram In Norfolk

Looking Through Old Photos

Playing In Her Garden

Sharing Ice-Creeeeaaam

Tim & Su Abuela

Over To Nottingham On New Year's Day To Hang With Zach, Inza & Anya

AnyaSquared (Plus Mummies)

Zach Takes On Ry-Ry

Final Stop - Buckinghamshire To Play With Jack & Betty

Getting Pushed Around By Ted

Anya & Ted Hang On For Dear Life

Jamming Session At The Waltons'

Anya/Martha Cuddles
My Tooth's Only Gone And Fallen Out In Frankie & Benny's!

Getting The Party Started For Neil's 50th

Anya Photobombs An Otherwise Glamorous Shoot

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