Saturday, September 13, 2014

Calpe, Cumpleaños & Cole

All Set For Some Serious Snorkelling

Seagull At Sunset Spotting

To The Sea!


Not Many Fish In Here

Meerkat Posing

Mundomar Es La Leche!

Silly Selfies

Formidable Dolphins

Look At Them Go!

Lovely Sleepy Lemars

A Siesta Is Never A Bad Idea

Sardine? Don't Mind If I Do

Have Net, Will Fish

Catching Tonight's Dinner

Sunset Views


Between A Rock & A Hard Place

Rock Pool Exploring

McPayne Men Feet

Back To Madders

Now Everyone's Back From Hols, It's Time To Partyyyy!

Laura, Cristian & Juan Help To Decorate The Tortilla

Impressive Tattoo Work On The Mamis

Juan Gets A Lift Up To The Balloon

Beautiful Tarta Sin Gluten
Ry's On Hand In Case The Blowing Out Proves Too Tricky

All Puffed Out
Presents - Post Wasp Sting

Piñata Time!

Comparing Loot With Sergio Martin
Cuddles With Juan

The Lads

Rounding Sergio Moya & Nuria Up

Anya-Nuri Cuddles

Group Pic

Anya-Daddy Cuddles
Bus Home With Sergio

Back At School!

Great To See Alejandro Again

Back With Me Buddies

Nuria & Anya ♥

Alejandro, Nuria, Spanna & Sergio Moya

Classifying My Dinosaurs... The Next Ross Gellar?

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