Sunday, June 29, 2014

Alex, Jan, Rubén & Ry's Party

The Festivities Get Off To A Refreshing Start
Alan, Jan & Cesar Make A Run For It

José Really Is One Bad M-F
Alberto On BBQ Duty

Alicia, Nuria & Fuen

Time For Tarta

Pressie Time

Piñata - Water Balloon Surprise

The Real Piñata

Los Papis Have A Ball
Volleyball...Slightly Unbalanced Teams

Los Chicos!

Todos! Un Sitio Maravilloso

Birthday Boy On Form

Time Of His Life

Anya, Roberto & Jaime

Alex - The Host With The Most!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fin De Curso - Chulapa Style

Heading To The Fin De Curso Fiesta
Cheeky Monkeys

Up To No Good With Marcos & Miguel

Alejandro, Nuria & Anya

With My Class Buddies

Getting A Special Cuddle From Mercedes

Mercedes Loves Her Well-Deserved Pressies

Up On Stage

Sergio Martin & Nuria Give It Some Welly
Exit, Pursued By A Bear

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Cien Años De Los McPaynes

S & T's 40ths + 20 Years Together

The Next Generation

Los Paynes

Rach & Paul

Natalia, Carlos, Tim, Angel & Mercedes

Kirst & Suze

Speech Time!

Bill, AH, SM, IP & Kath

Anya Sleeping On Nuria's Knee
Fashionably Late Kev

The Girls

Chris, Nuria, Dori, Jesús, Manolo & Carmen LOLing

Tasty Nibbles

The Lego Crew

Scaling Uncle Kev's Head

Miguel & His New Buddies

Ryan Struggles To Choose Between His Girlfriends

Carlos Keeps Ry's Ego In Check
Goodnight Kisses

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Bodas De Oro De Los McCullagh

Tommy Gets Into The Celebratory Spirit
Snap Happy

Chris Trying Out His Black Country Accent On Anne
Sal & Kev

Kev & Suze

Val & Tim

Silvia's Amazing Dulce De Leche Tarta

Tommy Does The Honours

Anniversary Portada

Suze & Tim