Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Primo Tommy In Town

Kevvy & Tommy In Serious Mood

Well These Madrid Parks Get My Seal Of Approval!

Pirates Ahoy!

Cousins Cuddles - They're The Best!

Getting Carried Away By It All
Uncle Kev - Almost As Good As My Moto!

The Wheels On The Bus Do Seem To Rotate In A Regular Manner

The Best Pirate Ship In Town

Looking Out For Crocodiles With Mummy

Ah Ry! Don't Snot All Over Our Racquet!

Al Fresco Boozing

Late-Night iPhoning
Sunday Morning Climbing

Got No-No's Side-Tongue Face Down To A Tee

Cheeky Chappies

"So The Spanish Banking Crisis Was Basically Caused By A Property Bubble"

Aunty Sal Cuddles With Woody & Co

Fond Farewells After A Wonderful W/End

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