Friday, August 09, 2013

East-Anglian Adventures - Segunda Parte

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>> Tercera Parte

Down To Covehithe For Some Serious Seaside Fun

Followed By The Obligatory Bath-Shot With Tommy

Off To Sutton Hoo For Some Anglo-Saxon Adventures

It's A Helmet Jim, But Not As We Know It

Getting Acquainted With Some Of Uncle Kev's Antique Apple Products

Get Me The President Now!

Stormin' Norma & Norman

Fabulous Tennis Raquet From Uncle K

So Is The Plot Too Flimsy Anya?

Super Anya Gives Tommy A Run For His Money

Save Me Daddy, Save Me!

Space Hopper Cuddles

Too Much Top Spin Ry!

Gram 'n' An

Afternoon Stretches

Swing City

That's A Double Bogie For No-No

Evening Sesh Of Boules

Making A Run For It

Family Shot

>>Primera Parte
>> Tercera Parte

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