Sunday, July 14, 2013

Steamin' Hot Julio

Birthday Pressies Don't Get Much Better Than This
- Gracias Rebeca, Claudia, Elisa & Elvira!

The Next Frida Kahlo...?

Taking Finger Painting To A Whole New Level

Fabulous Water Action With Sara & Ruben

Splash City

Dunkin' Donuts

Lunch Chez Natalia & Ayesha's

Ayesha, Anya & Ruben Discuss Starting School In September

Natalia & Ryan

Friday, July 05, 2013

Um Paraíso Em Portugal

Pit Stop In Ciudad Rodrigo

To Meet Some Ponies

On To Portugal For Paddling Pool Pandemonium
Cuddles Before The Water Fight Commences

Chilling In The Hammock

Fruity Faces

Where did you get that hat. Where did you get that tile?

Sluggely Pose

Portuguese Delights Every Night With Noel & Maria

Sleepy Snuggles
Sleeping Beauty

Crashed Out

Brave Boys

Skipping Into The Lake

Making Buddies

Our Mate Santiago
Posing By The Fountain

Riverside Portrait

Cuddling Badanico

Wild Flower Meadows

Birthday Celebration

S & T Snuggles

Off On A Ramble

Toe-Dipping With Noel

Stone Throwing With Maria

Maria Cuddles

Daddy Back!