Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Portuguese Birthday

Ciudad Rodrigo stop-over

For some serious poppy-picking

Then on to Noel and Maria's amazing hotel

Smiling through the showers at Bom Jesus

Mother and daughter stare off

Maria admires Anya's tea cosy

Ry shows Gram the village hot spots

Anya snoozes with Anne

The boys place Pass The Tea Cup

Anya gets to grips with grass

Cuddles with Noel

Posing in the vineyard farm

Easter Egg hunt on Mummy's birthday

Looking for mariquitas

Right Pair 'o' Berks

Wonderful time had by all

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Villa Del Prado And The Seven Dwarfs

Eeee this is the life!

Catching up with me old mate Aisha

Ruben 'The Dude' was on fine form

Dani gives Ry an art masterclass

As 'The Dude' bumbles off in the background....

"Ere, Anya, grab this top notch chocolate I just tea-leaved from the kitchen..."

A rare five minutes chill with hostess with the mostess Natalia

Sara always on hand to keep her brothers in check

Tracey keeps an eye on the chaos while Aisha couldn't care less

Friday, April 08, 2011

Hanging Around The Water Cooler...

Popped into Mummy's office for a flying visit

To wish Isabelle a very Bon Anniversaire
To sample Christine's necklace

Cuddles with Elena

I Believe I Can Fly
With special thanks to Araceli for the retro-style i-Phone pix