Monday, October 15, 2018

Póvoa, Porto & Vila Do Conde

McPaynes ♡ Portugal
Larking Around In Póvoa De Vazim
Driving Around The Playa

Digging In

Almost Reaching Australia

Impresive Waves

Chips & Sumol - A Winning Combination

In Their Happy Place
Shell Collection
Playground Time

Massive Flock Of Chilling Seagulls

Fantastic Play Areas

Limbering Up
Café Com Leite With Noel

Cuddles With Maria

Suduko On The Train To Porto
Little Britain In A Little Corner Of Oporto

Tintin Shop

Sem Gluten Com Cuore Cafe! 

Queue To Get Into The Harry Potter Bookshop

Balcony Of Daddy's Favourite Shop

Vida Portuguesa

Love Me Some Azulejos

Windy Streets

Nuestra Bandera Favorita

So Pretty

Hanging With Maria's Sobrina Daniela

Lost In Translation

City Park Fun

Superman! Chorizo Y Pan!

Action Shot
Catching Up With Badinico
Exploring Vila Do Conde
Good Camera Work From Anya

Fun Statue
Ahoy There!
Marine McPaynes

Another Fun Park 
Catch Me If You Can

On The Way Up To The Monastery

Beautiful Bougainvillea
Cuddles With My Little King 
Mr Cool

Hanging With The Lads

Sitting Pretty

Bit Like Segovia

Arty Arches

Pretty Church

Lighting A Candle For Aunty Kay

Not Exactly Minimalist
From The Outside


Largest Bobbin Lace Work In The World!
Posing Under The Impressive Masterpiece

Saying A Fond Farewell To Maria & Noel