Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Amazing Alcalá

Smouldering Or Scowling...?
Wonderful Medieval Market In Alcalá De Henares
That's A Big Birdie


Grandma Would Have Been In Her Element #Bagpipes

It's Only Don Quixote!
And Sancho Panza! 
Following Her Ladyship Everywhere

Zero Emissions Swing Ride
Posing By The Posie Rosies
Look At The Size Of Him!

Taco Time 
Scary Mexican Corpse Bride!
Mummy Shot

Balancing Magic 
Andean Pan Pipe Puppets 

Showing Off Her Skating Prowess

Look! No Hands!

The Stig x 2

Crocodile Dundees

But Where's Rod Hull?

Montis & Ry Loving Madrid Safari

Tackling The Lounge Painting

Loving Mummy's Instagram Filters

Impressive Dot Artwork By Ryan
Quite The Cottage Industry

New Park Discovery

Love It!

Scaling New Heights

In Her Natural Habitat

The Actual Fuente De Berro

Snapping You, Snapping Me

Hanging With Lightning McQueen

Santa Susana Church

Exploring The Parque

Photoshoot Time

Timer Time

The Babies

Anya Snaps

Ryan Cuddles

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Berros & Guindos

Fiestas Del Barrio Salamanca
Pre-Ballet Cafe Time

World Press Photo - Chess

Russian Life



Gymnastic Training In China

Bosco De Lobos

Favourite Plant Shop On Hortaleza

#MakeLoveNotWar Bandera

Lols With Mayra, Shayra, Tanya & Chloe

Snuggles At The Station

Shayra On Stilts

Off To Julia's Party At Micropolix

Blanca, Cristina, Eva, Olivia, Julia, David, Romero & Ry


Tour Of Madrid Moderno In Guindalera

One Of The Few Original Hotelitos

Iglesia De Santa Susana

Parque De Fuente De Quinto De Berro

Regaled With Pablo Neruda Poetry From The Guide

Tree Poetry

Stumpway To Heaven

Heading To Fuente Del Berro Colonia

Posh Chalets All Around

Parque Eva Duarte Concert

Singing 'Imagine There's No Countries' All Together